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Ariel Consulting International, Inc., (ACI), with its principal Dr. Ariel King, provides the highest quality, world-class, cost effective, unique and client-tailored international affairs, international public relations, and health policy solutions for the international community, diplomatic agencies, non-governmental organizations, and multinational clients throughout the world.   Whether it is swine flu outbreaks, HIV/AIDs, or pandemic outbreaks, ACI has the tools to solve and analyze the important health policy issues they bring today!  ACI brings to every client its extensive worldwide relationships and partnerships at every level of goverment and private industry.  We will help you affordably be more effective among the international world community.   We have the connections you need. Ariel Consulting International has personal access to the international diplomatic community, the US State Department, the UN, EU, Organization of American States, Pan American Health Organization, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS research alliance, Christian Children's Fund, Fortune 500 Companies and the new Obama/Biden administration.

Examples of recent client engagements include cutting edge research on HIV/AIDS knowledge of health care and enforcement workers in a Carribean country and the actions they take when confronted with HIV/AIDS situations, designing "kangaroo care" programs for hospitals, and arranging for VIP teaching tours for a delegation of top physicians from the African nations.

Ariel Consulting International provides creative, practical, tailored, and high added-value solutions through Health Policy Consulting and Management Consulting, Research, and Training and Education services with a focus on developing countries in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands .

ACI also manages and supports and supports the mission of the Ariel Foundation International

Dr. Ariel King,, a leading and published world authority on health and children's issues, is available to give one of her memorable entertaining educational motivational talks to your company, group, or organization on the following topics:

Human rights

  • Human rights in action
  • Children's human rights
  • Youth Participation Internationally
  • Orphaned children - societies untapped potential

Health Policy

  • Medicines/ drug policies
  • Care for Low birth weight babies 
  • Policy issues on transplantation

International Development

The mission of ACI, Inc. is to advance their client's causes worldwide with a focus on Africa, Europe, the Middle-East, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands, by building bridges in international relations, health policy, investment, public relations, and management with our outstanding country-focused integrated consulting approach.

Contact ACI today and find out how we can help your international business and not-for-profit's needs.  No important project or task is too large or small -- everything we do, we do well.

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